Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Year Gone By + Linkup

Hey y'all! Say helloooo to the last day of 2013, because it's staring you in the face. I started Hima Hearts in June, after reading the Happiness Project, and I haven't looked back since! I'm so grateful for the friends I've made and the new things I've learned, and most of all, for the way this blog has changed my outlook on life- I'm definitely more positive! So what happened since I started this blog?

I talked about how everyone sometimes fails in the kitchen.

I started on my bucket list!

I learned that kids are seriously funny

I wondered if bloggers were some sort of elite chevron-loving species.

I reflected on how life-changing Summer 2013 was

I made a bomb mug cake.

I wrote about the tell-tale signs of living in California.

I figured out how to Starbucks.

I made the best cupcakes ever.  

I shared my tips for becoming a millionaire songwriter.

I also got a Twitter and started loving Instagram. [subtle hint to follow me YAY]
What were your favorites of 2013? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to link up below! :)

Welcome to Bloody Marys Count as a Salad # 25

Bloody Marys Count as a Salad

What's with the name?  We named it Bloody Mary’s Count as a Salad, because anything goes in this hop! Need to vent? Go for it! Need to say something snarky? DO IT!  Or do you just want to share your blog and/or a specific post?  We'd love to read it!  Anything you want to share, we want to see it!

And introducing a social aspect of the hop!  Each week we will feature a different social media linkup.  This week is Google Plus!  Link up your blog in the first linkup and your Google Plus URL in the second linkup!  

Of course, there are a few rules, we aren't going for hop chaos here!

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How To Write A Hit Song in 10 minutes

I've been seriously listening to music for what, 6 years now? And so I'm definitely an expert. From my long study in music, and my recent deduction skills acquired by burning through 2 seasons of Sherlock in 4 days, I've put together a surefire list of ways to write a hit song and earn millions of dollars. 

Sidenote: Tell me if you watch Sherlock, because my brother and I are seriously obsessed and spent yesterday afternoon learning how to play the theme on the piano and violin. Let's fangirl together pleeeease. 

Okay, back to my get rich quick plan.

1. Think about what you love, what you’re really passionate about. For some people, it’s a type of  food, and for others it’s a day of the week. So if you're as Pinterest addicted as I am, sing about OOTDs and supposedly simple DIYs to your heart's content. 

2.  Write about your recent break-up, but add some catchy lines, hopefully with some words that show that you really mean it. Multiple "evers" to show that your relationship is over for good are a must. Also, include some line about hipsters, because that's a must these days, according to T.Swizzle and the Zac Brown Band. I mean, it worked for Adele didn't it? Never mind that her voice is like melted caramel.

3. Write about how you found yourself after you hit rock bottom and are now the star of your own life. Puh-lease, we all know that you’re a firework. Make sure that you include all cliché phrases known to mankind. Heck, you can even just string together a bunch of inspiring quotes and put them to a tune.

4. Write down a lot of meaningful phrases that sound deep but mean absolutely nothing. Make your song a metaphor for life, food, school, animals, social media, technology, and everything in between. In other words, be so vague that your song can apply to literally anything. Don't forget to come up with a super artsy album cover. 

5. Be Beyonce. Because when you’re Beyonce, you can surprise the whole world by releasing an album with no advertisement or promo whatsoever, and become the fastest selling iTunes album in history. After all, she is Queen Bey (shoutout to Lorde because she’s my fave).

Well, there you have it. My guide to writing the top songs of 2014. What would you write about if you had to write a song? Other than Pinterest, of course.

Friday, December 27, 2013

250 Cookies Baked: Check!

Good morning! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas- I know I did. Our Christmas Eve cookie baking adventure was a huge success, which definitely set the tone for the whole day. I just read Rachel's Christmas recap, and I loved the way she wrote it, so I'll do the same. 
I bet your Christmas was fabulous, but was it......

bake 250 Christmas cookies fabulous?

eat one too many snowman cookies fabulous?

deliver said cookies in person on Christmas day and see faces light up fabulous?

coffee and hot cocoa in front of the tree on Christmas morning fabulous?

Penguin wrapping paper fabulous?

Beautiful handmade bracelets fabulous?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

xo, Hima

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In With the Old, and In With the New?

Hey y'all- no witty first line for you today, because I'm too excited for Christmas!

It's tomorrow y'all. I've been keeping track on my Christmas countdown since December 1st!

I've been seeing a lot on all of your blogs about Christmas traditions, so I decided to share some of my family's traditions. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how we decorate the tree together, but we don't stop there.

Every year, we pile into the minivan with blankets and some food and drive around looking at the lights- Christmas music on full blast of course. This year, Bee made our family a CD (mixtape sounds SO much cooler) full of Christmas music, so we jammed out to that.

San Jose has a huge Christmas in the Park festival every year, and we've made it out there a grand total of twice. Regardless, it was lots of fun, especially the ferris wheel.
yes, I know the quality of this is about as low as my dogs tail when she knows she's in trouble. Deal with it. 

Look how cute this little train is! 

I know that a lot of these are trivial, but they mean a lot to me. Even though we're all growing up, and I'll be in college in a mere two years, I'll always remember decorating the tree together, or sharing a cup of hot chocolate at Christmas in the park. Amid all the junior year craziness, I know my family always has my back, and these traditions just affirm that. 
Every year, we make more and more traditions and this year marks the "let's make Christmas cookies for the neighborhood!" tradition. 
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and take time to appreciate your family a little more. 

xo, Hima

Monday, December 23, 2013

How NOT to Facebook

Ah, Facebook. 
The destination of many an hour wasted away clicking through pictures, liking statuses, and showing off wannabe political prowess. 
In all my hours spent on Facebook in the last two and a half years, I've learned a lot about what is socially acceptable, and what isn't. (aka what annoys me), and so I give you

How Not to Facebook
1. Overly Negative, but cryptic posts. If you want to vent, vent to a friend over chat, or ever better, in person.  

2. Game invites. I'm fine if you spend hours on your phone swapping sweets in the Bejeweled of 2013, but don't try to get me involved. Also, Farmville is for the middle aged with too much time on their hands.

3. Albums FULL of selfies. I'm not saying I don't post the occasional selfie, but if your entire album is selfie upon selfie, and you're clogging up everyone's newsfeed. Please, keep it to the archives of your phone, or even better, Snapchat. I am clearly the master of this. 

4. Sharing every little detail of your life. Ever. 
"Got locked out of the house today"
"Today was such a fun day! Nice grade on history test, PMT with friendz after school, and not too much homework!"
"Ugh, they're out of my size at Payless, and the shoes are SO cute."
TFTI. (I've changed the meaning of that acronym- it's now thanks for the info).

But then again, it's your Facebook, and your profile, so you can post whatever the heck you want. So Facebook on y'all, and see you mañana. 

xo, Hima