Friday, December 27, 2013

250 Cookies Baked: Check!

Good morning! I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas- I know I did. Our Christmas Eve cookie baking adventure was a huge success, which definitely set the tone for the whole day. I just read Rachel's Christmas recap, and I loved the way she wrote it, so I'll do the same. 
I bet your Christmas was fabulous, but was it......

bake 250 Christmas cookies fabulous?

eat one too many snowman cookies fabulous?

deliver said cookies in person on Christmas day and see faces light up fabulous?

coffee and hot cocoa in front of the tree on Christmas morning fabulous?

Penguin wrapping paper fabulous?

Beautiful handmade bracelets fabulous?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

xo, Hima


  1. 250 cookies? Omg! So awesome! And it's not Christmas without hot cocoa! Delish!

  2. OMG 250 cookies , hurry to Guinness records . We've got to enter it . So proud of you , miss Hima ;)

  3. Love the bracelet! And you are amazing baking that many cookies!

  4. :) Hey, glad my posting style was so inspiring! :) I just thought it was a fun way to write the post, and I like your version! Those cookies certainly look fabulous--and now you have me craving sugar cookies!

  5. Merry (late) Christmas! Looks like you guys all had a ball! :D Those cookies look so yummy! Omnomnom!

  6. all of those cookies look AMAZING. my mom used to buy these amazing market cookie doughs, and we would make such a big event of decorating them all to our hearts' content. this reminded me of that! :) i love your blog, now following you! xooo

    taylor from anticipation

  7. Cookies look sooo good. Glad I am just now finding your blog.


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