Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is Chevron a Blogger Thing?

Ya'll. I'm confused. I used to not like chevron. Weird zig-zag stripes on zig-zag stripes? Uh....weird, right? And actually a little bit ugly. 
And then I started my blog. Now?
"ohmygosh that's so cute!" Personally, I don't like anything except color + white combos, or mint + black but that's just me! What do you think?

Anyways, here's my question to you:

Is liking chevron a blogger thing? Why? 

And here's what inspired that question- and obviously the beginning of my Friday Five: 

1. We had to make puzzle pieces for Leadership (I'm on student government) to show that we're a family- how cute, right? I couldn't come up with anything, and than it hit me- CHEVRON!
Of course I left my orange marker at home, so I used highlighter. 

2. Welcome Back Bash last Friday! I know this is a little late to write about this, but YOLO. 
JK, I didn't say that. 
Carpe diem. 
There. SO much classier!
Photobooths, best friends, music and dancing. 
Definitely a great night ya'll!
Don't mind the In N Out hat (Sidenote: HA you poor non-Californians don't even know what that is!)- it was a nautical theme and we don't have the budget for real sailor hats. 

3. I found flat-ish land in California. NorCal, to be exact. 
This is a rarity ya'll. The only elevation changes in sight were the mountains in the distance. 
Notice the palm trees and evergreens in the same area. 

4. I got Sperry's! I've been wanting these for FOREVER and I'm totally obsessed with them. 
I've worn them three days in a row. I never do that. 

5. Not really a high...but I'm getting my wisdom tooth taken out today. 
Yes, you heard read that right. 
I only have one. My bio teacher says that it mean I'm a "highly evolved human."
Honestly, as long as I can get my homework done for the weekend. 

What was your experience like? Wish me luck!!!

xo, Hima


  1. I only like chevron with certain colors! I think sometimes it's a little over done but its still cute. :)

  2. Perhaps I should say it's a blogger thing at first place ( at least I realized it in blogosphere) and I love it . Ziggys have always been my fave .
    OMG I just love your sperry's . I saw them on IG and I was like the same.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I love all things chevron, I am a blogger so that may be why! haha! I do know some people who like it though who are non bloggers!
    Stopping by from HF4F linkup!
    Come link up with us today!

  4. I thought Cheveron was a gas company until the other day. True Story. We Canadians don't get out much:) You are my LU neighbour:) I found you through the LBF BH:) Have a great wknd:)

  5. Okay, it's true I never knew what was chevron in real life until I stepped in bloggy land. Innit weird? It's just a print and ladies are crazy for it or at least blogging ladies.
    I've seen your expression about your wisdom tooth on IG. Gooood luck if it's not out yet!

  6. I love the zigzags and the feet shot! hahaha I am crazy about taking pictures of my feet! :-) Good luck with your wisdom tooth too!


    Dani @ Danielle Faith
    <a href="></a>

  7. I think chevron used to be a blogger thing and then it went widespread, haha! I hope your surgery was easy peasy. Mine was and I had 4 gone at once! I dreaded that for so long, and it actually wound up being a relatively good experience. Fo one thing, I was in so much pain before that all I could feel was gratitude after.

  8. All the best for your tooth extraction oh wise one :)

  9. Ohh, girl...I love me some Chevron and don't care what anyone says. I also love Sperrys and own more than a person should My obsession is taking over my closet.

  10. I think chevron totally gained its fame from blogging! :P I haven't yet entirely decided whether I like Sperry's or not. I used to not like them at all, but now that they have so many colors and patterns, they are really growing on me!


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