Saturday, January 3, 2015

Word of the Year

When 2015 rolled around, I knew that I didn't want to have any super concrete resolutions, especially concerning the blog, but when I thought about my goals for this year, one word kept coming back to me. This year, and every year after, I want to be effective in everything I do. I know that I have the habit of taking too much on, and instead of doing a few things well, I do a mediocre job at everything. I want to be effective in 
+my last semester of high school strong
+running a 10K by the end of the semester
+learning to cook
+journaling regularly
+filling my 2015 memory jar with all the awesome things I'll be doing this semester
+blogging regularly
+scheduling posts for when I won't have time to write
+having fun
So as the sun sets on 2014, and rises on 2015, let the games begin! :)

xo, Hima