Monday, June 24, 2013

When Cooking Doesn't Always Work Out

I consider myself an okay cook. I can follow a recipe pretty well, and I usually come up with yummy food. I'm also a bit of a presentation freak, so I try to make my food pretty before I eat it. 
Need convincing? 

1. Happy toast 
2. Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes!
3. Protein Pancakes
4. I'm fully aware that this isn't actually cooking, but I'm trying to reinforce the prettiness. See the face? 
(Should I be worried that faces on food seems to be a trend for me?)

This weekend, I really wanted to make these birthday cake protein pancakes from the Clarkpharm blog for my little brother and myself. 
No, it's not either of our birthdays. We just love birthday cake everything! 
This is how they were supposed to turn out. 
All nice and fluffy and rainbow sprinkly. Well, we didn't have rainbow, so red sprinkly. 

This is how they actually turned out. 

Seriously, what are those? When something is that ugly I try to make it a little nicer looking.
So I drowned in in greek yogurt sauce (water + yogurt). It was so ugly I didn't even take a picture.
And then I devoured it. 
It was amazeballs. So even if they were really, they tasted great. 
Except for the fact that still kinda full. 
Nine hours later. 

Goal: Make them look pretty next time! 

That wasn't all. The pancakes were only part one of my cooking fiasco. Part two was a little worse. 
So for some reason, I thought that I'd play scientist and test what happened when you microwave cookie dough. 
Would it get all gooey and yummy? ('Cause you know I love that goo!) Would it just be an undercooked blob? 
I put it in and set the time for a 1:30. At 1:10, I decided to check on it to make sure everything was okay. I opened the microwave and clouds of steam poured out. It felt like in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry was fighting Voldemort in the maze. (Note: If you haven't read HP, we can't be friends.)
Just kidding. 
I'll love you anyways. Maybe. 

Moving on, the steam was all misty and scary, and then I started to smell the burnt...uh...everything?
I waited about 30 seconds until the plate was cool enough to touch and then I dumped that sucker in the sink and turned that water on. 
Half the plate falls off. 
How appetizing is that? 
I was grossed out just thinking about the carcinogens in that burnt lump, so I tossed it. 

Moral of the story: Even if you think you can cook, some things are just going to stump you. 

And just because I traumatized you so much, I will leave you with more visually appealing picture of my adorable little Bellatrix. 
(does this one post tell you how much of an HP fan I am?)

Have a great day ya'll. 

xo, Hima


  1. Nothing wrong with food faces! :)

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  2. yeah for a new blog!! I love it! :) and the first food pictures are so pretty!! i've had many failed recipes!!

  3. Love it, such a cute post!

  4. My pancakes are never pretty. I wouldn't worry about it!

  5. I am not allowed to make pancakes... my kids have banned me! For some reason I just can't get them to be pancakes!

  6. Love that your dogs name is Bellatrix! Pancakes are hard, man. I wasn't that great at cooking either when I first started, but I kept at it and kept practicing and eventually got to the point where I am making homecooked meals every night! You can get there too :) Pinterest was a big help for me. Learn from your mistakes and keep going :) By the way, this reminds me of when I tried to make cauldron cakes and failed. Well, not so much failed as nobody wanted to eat them, lol.
    Found you from the Wednesday Walkabout :)

    Kelsey @

    1. p.s. for some reason I just didn't catch the fact that the first pics were yours. Sometimes I skip around while reading, sorry about that. They do look delicious! Your presentation payed off, lol.

  7. Haha this post is too funny! I hate when my food doesn't come out like the pictures I've seen--how do they do it?! I recently wrote about one of my kitchen fails too (using salt instead of sugar).


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