Monday, December 9, 2013

16 days.

until the greatest day of the entire year. That's right, even better than my birthday. 
If you can do the math, you might have realized that I'm talking about Christmas. 
y'all. I love Christmas. 
I'm talking the Pandora Christmas station 24/7, Hallmark movies upon Hallmark movies, randomly wearing Santa hats around the house, mugs of steaming hot cocoa, and Christmas sweaters galore. 
Basically, my inner 5 year old comes out.
Something about the general happiness and the giving spirit makes me so happy!
The overabundance of sweets is definitely a pro too. 
See what I mean? And yes, we are well aware that the ornament to tree ratio is entirely too high. 
In my family, we always decorate the house together with Christmas music on full blast- I look forward to it all year!

The nice thing about manual focus is the ability to do this. 

What, your dog doesn't have a stocking? 


On Saturday, I volunteered at an event at my school where the teachers bring in their kids and we do Christmas crafts with them for a couple of hours + they get to see Santa. 
Highlight of my day: Shelby (above) running back from the car and hugging me around the knees before she left. Heart-melted. 

What are your family Christmas traditions? Tell me in the comments below! :)

P.S. I was featured on All Things Christmas for my cupcakes from last week- check 'em out! 

xo, Hima


  1. I approve of your coining the term "ornament-to-tree ratio". And yes, you definitely wear the... are they beads? better than the tree.

  2. I LOVE that unfocused photo...just gorgeous. And I see no problem with that ornament-to-tree ratio...looks perfect to me! And don't you just love little kids? They are so good at making you feel wonderful haha.

  3. You AND your tree look very festive!! I also really love this month!

  4. i love your tree, very nice! thanks for linking up with Tay and I!

  5. Lovely photos - we always have a stocking for our dog Toopy!! Stopping by from the Weekly BlogLovin Hop :) Looking forward to your posts!

  6. Love your Christmas decorations! Your new follower

  7. I need to get a stocking specifically for our dog. This year he's just using one of our old ones :P Maybe next year when I have time to think about it and find one that works for him! Thanks for linking up!


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