Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Lovin'

I hope your Labor Day Weekends were amazing! Like I said on Friday, I got my wisdom tooth out, so I spent a lot of my weekend taking things slow. 
Two of my lovely friends (shoutout to Sneha + Indu if you're reading this!) come over on Friday after school to keep me company. And they brought me ice cream. Can you say "amazing?" Thanks guys!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures...sorry about that!
In my neighborhood, we have a block party every year at the end of summer to celebrate. It's such a great experience to go out and have some fun with and get to know your neighbors better, and it creates a really great community feeling. 
This time, I decided to take my camera along and I'm pretty happy with some of the shots I got. Take a look, and tell me what you think!

This little girl was such a natural model and I had so much fun shooting her!

Admittedly I didn't take this, but I love this picture of my friend Gauri and me!

How was your Labor Day weekend? Summer 2013 is over, but I'd be hard pressed to say that it wasn't the best one yet!


  1. My labor day is simple as break from school . Hahaha believe me , I can never put on this ring for more than 2 seconds.
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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