Thursday, February 6, 2014

Friday, we meet again.

Hey y’all! Happy Friday (or almost Friday if you’re reading this on a Thursday, Catherine).

First off, I want to thank you for you all for your comments yesterday! Unfortunately, something’s up with Disqus right now and I can’t respond to you, but I’ll get back to you asap. I guess this means you can’t comment on today’s post? After reading all of them, I’ve decided to add a goal:

1. Be on time to school more- My first period teacher is incredibly chill about being late, and 7:35 is ridiculously early for life, but being late is a bad habit and I hate the feeling of being late period. I also get really annoyed when people are late and what’s worse than being a hypocrite right?
Moving on, this week was pretty great, as weeks go. Lots of happy little moments, productive time, and pleasant surprises. 

I tried a green smoothie! It was so yummy- definitely writing out a recipe for this!

So I keep seeing posts about "snow days" and "WOW Snow in AL" and "Snow in Austin!" Yay for you, but uh, California finally got some rain. 
So all of you out there in the cold, please pray for some more precipitation for CA!

Surprise lunch date with mommy! FYI, just because there is something green on your plate does not mean its healthy. It just means that it's prettier to take a picture of. 
Y'all. If you have not been to the Melt, GO. 

Found this practically baby picture of my friend Meera and I. Would you believe that this was just TWO years ago? I've been told I look 11 years old here...

Not sure if this should be considered a highlight, but....I really hate this game and how bad I am at it. 

Happy Friday, loves (wait LOL that's so weird and not me. Never saying that again)

xo, Hima

P.S. I want to punch Blogger right now for all the formatting problems these last couple of days.


  1. Green smoothies are so delicious! I have yet to perfect them at home, but I love them at Jamba Juice and other smoothie places!

  2. Found you through the link up! I LOVE GREEN SMOOTHIES! Please post a recipe, I'm always looking to change things up :)

  3. Being late never feels good, but yes, it's early to have your brain ready to soak anything in!!!

    Found you via Happy Kids blog hop, now following via bloglovin, hope you can stop by my blog and follow too!

  4. HAHAHAHA Flappy Bird is a curse on the world not even kidding. Seriously when I get a high score I'm like is this a high point or a low point in my day, I don't even know. Looking forward to that recipe ;]

  5. They are getting rid of Flappy Birds since everyone is going literally crazy over it. I think the guy who made it said hes taking it down in a week.
    Can't wait to see the smoothie recipe.

  6. OMG , my high scores are 13 in Flappy Bird. I beat you , now go and make it HIGHER.

  7. The guy that sits next to me in chapel has a 197 as his high score on that game! I just admired his awesomeness for a little bit. haha

  8. So having a relish green smoothy is totally on my list of things to do this weekend!


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