Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank You Notes: Hima Hearts Edition

Hey y'all- happy Friday! So I saw this really cute and sassy post at Living in Yellow, inspired by the Jimmy Fallon Thank You notes segment, and I thought it would be a fun way to write today's post, because I'm clearly cute and sassy. 
Don't burst my bubble. 

Dear Blog World, Thank you for accepting my excuses for the abysmal quality of the below picture. I was clearly trying to get a picture in before the bell rang for class to start.

Dear Spirit Commissioners, Thank you for making Monday Pajama Day so I did not have to suffer through the end of break in the discomfort of jeans. I went the extra mile and went with the bed head look too! (Wait, is it even considered going the extra mile if it entails less effort? Let's not think about that) 

Dear California, Thank you for being sane while the rest of the US is a bunch of icicles thanks to that insane polar vortex. Thank you for amazing sunrises like this and warm winter weather and not being able to see your breath in the morning. It might be nice if we got a little rain- because of the whole drought situation, yaknow?

Dear Rest of the US, My heart goes out to you. I was jealous of all the snow for approximately 0.3 seconds until I read all y'all's bone-chilling (HA. Get it?) stories about it. For those of you who are freezing your butts off, I'm sending over warm thoughts! If it makes you feel any better, it is a whopping 41 degrees right now and I'm not wearing socks. 

Dear eyes, Thank you for not being able to tell the difference between dark wash and regular wash jeans, and making for very awkward #twinning pictures. They're dark wash if they're not white, right?

Dear Shruthi and Tulika, You obviously don't know what light blue means. "Wear light blue scarves!" And then the next day you walk into school with everything except light blue. Except I love you anyway because you're the bomb-diggity. Just swell!

Dear Maggie Smith, Thank you for being the sassiest grandma ever to walk the earth. Your one liners get me every time, but you've got a surprising amount of wisdom underneath it all. 

Dear Downton Abbey, Thanks for airing without ads, so a 2 hour show is actually two hours long. I love you because it actually takes me the whole week to get through the two hour episode. Thank you for attractive actors and plot twists. Nobody likes Thomas though. You should've gotten rid of him instead of Matthew. 

Dear Frozen, Thanks for being literally the cutest movie in existence. Never mind that I watched you on a Wednesday morning during a workout before school. I may or may not have changed my lock screen to a picture of Elsa. Also, Olaf is the snowman of the year.
P.S. I think Disney is moving away from the whole "damsel in distress saved by prince in shining armor" storyline and I'm loving it. 

Dear Frozen Soundtrack, I haven't stopped listening to you since Sunday. My favorite songs are "For the First Time In Forever" and "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?" because they're just so darn cute! For once, my desire to sing Disney songs in the halls of my school is acceptable because everyone else is doing it too! 

 Dear California,  Did I mention how thankful I am for your weather? It's what made this outfit possible in the middle of January.

Dear Short Hair, Thanks for being healthy again! I've come to terms with you, and I kind of love your bouncy curls.

Dear Hima, Thank you for having the confidence to wear socks and mocs. They're so warm and comfy and wonderful.

xo, Hima


  1. Dear Hima - Thank you for consistently writing excellent content. ~ Ash

  2. I went on and on about how glad I am i live in california in the warmth last night. I was probably a broken record! Your hair is cute by the way, and I was so happy that Downton Abbey was back!

  3. My students love that movie Frozen. And don't even talk about California weather. I am here in VA freezing. We had a two hour delay today because of freezing rain!!

  4. Oh gosh , I'm jealous. We're facing 6 degrees which is freezing me . Your hair look great ;)

  5. Aww this made my day! Hope you had a great weekend Ash! :)

  6. We're SO lucky, right? What part of CA are you in? I loved the premiere last week-can't wait for tonight's episode!

  7. It's so good! Have you seen it? Definitely worth watching, even if that's coming from a 16 year old. I'm so sorry- sending warm thoughts!

  8. Another reason why I don't live in a cold area. You're lucky by America's standards right now- everyone else is below zero! Thanks babe <3

  9. Omg the Downton ones!! YES YES YES. IRL why did Matthew have to go instead of Thomas I HATE HIM. I don't get how he's so freaking mean!!

  10. RIGHT!? And omg did you watch last week's episode? I'm SO MAD over what happened to Anna, but so amazed that they're taking on this issue for the show as a whole!


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