Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bucket List Part Two

Hey ya'll. It's been a while since the first installment of my bucket list, and I've been coming up with all kinds of new items recently! Here's part two, for your enjoyment:

16. Visit Vermont and/or New Hampshire in the fall. I love seeing the leaves change each fall, but in California, we don't really have beautiful red palm trees. I would love to see fiery reds and warm, mellow yellows in real life!

17. Make these crayons! We have so many random broken crayons at home, and it would be a fun little rainy day project to do. Besides, how cute are they?

18. Learn calligraphy. It's such a beautiful art form, and looks absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it would make my crappy handwriting better. 

19. Learn to do a handstand. This is a work in progress! Like every little girl, I could execute a perfect one ate age 9, when my center or balance was about a foot closer to the ground. 
I was practicing yesterday, and may or may not have fallen flat on my back. 

20. Rent a Volkswagen bus with a group of friends. Seriously, they're the cutest vehicles ever. 

21. Visit the 4 Corners national monuments at the border of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. 
Seriously, 4 states at once. 

22. Study abroad. Patricia from Kisses and Croissants and Samantha from Life is But a Stream of Thoughts have both studied abroad, and have had such amazing experiences! They've both inspired me to spend some time in Europe. 
Right now, I really want to go to Barcelona.

Have you ever studied abroad? If so, where? What was your experience like? 

23. Make something off of Pinterest. 
*Look out for a post about that coming up soon!*

24. Raise a puppy. Our dog, Bella was about a year old when we adopted her, and she didn't have any growing left. I think it would be magical to get to see a puppy go from a tiny little thing to a lanky dog. 

25. Go on a Gondola ride in Venice. 
I've heard that the canals are gross though, so I've have to be really careful not to fall in!

And that's it for Part two! Anything else I should add? 

xo, Hima


  1. I'm so glad I helped inspire you to study abroad, and I truly hope you get the opportunity to do so! Also, I rode a gondola in Venice. You have to go. It was beautiful, though incredibly touristy.

  2. Studying abroad was the BEST thing I ever did! Now that I'm married and working, I know I won't ever get to see the world like that again (and on my parent's dime!). I say GO FOR IT!

  3. My bucket list would be very similar to yours. I would probably add an African Safari. I have always wanted to do that! Love, Rachael, your neighbor at Titus 2 Tuesdays

  4. Boston, go to Boston.

    Puppies are cute all of the time. Not really :) I wasn't responsible enough for one until now and I'm 27.


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