Bucket List

1. Hike Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. It's only a half hour from my house, but an intense and rewarding hike! 
Edit: So fun, yet SO hard. Read about it here.
2. Get SCUBA Certified
3. Get CPR Certified
4. Sleep for 15 hours straight. The most I've ever slept is 12 and I want to break my record. Pitiful, I know.
5. Go to Switzerland and buy real Swiss chocolate.
6. Do the Color Run/Color Me Rad Race!
8. Throw a pair of shoes onto phone lines and get them stuck. 
Don't deny it. 
You've always wondered about those too. 
EDIT: So a very kind reader was nice enough to tell me that this means something not-so-great. Needless to say, this isn't exactly something I want to do anymore. 

9. Learn to surf!

10. Explore the nooks and crannies of San Francisco. 
Even though I've grown up in the Bay Area and I've been to SF more times than I can count,
I want to go beyond tourism, to truly know this city and experience the magic.

11. Eat Macarons
EDIT: Trader Joe's Macarons are great ya'll. 

12. Sprinkles cupcakes.
EDIT: SO GOOD. Post about the experience aqui.

13.  Read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I've heard SO much about it, both good and bad, but I'm just too darn scared to read it right now. 

14. Watch the entire "Fast and Furious" series. 
I've only seen the 5th and that was in theaters, so I'd love to see the rest!

15. Drive down the California Coast, from the beauty that is Oregon all the way down to San Diego and Sea World. 
Not just driving 14 straight hours, but wandering through small towns, checking out the local food. 
Come with me? 

16. Visit Vermont and/or New Hampshire in the fall. I love seeing the leaves change each fall, but in California, we don't really have beautiful red palm trees. I would love to see fiery reds and warm, mellow yellows in real life!

17. Learn calligraphy. It's such a beautiful art form, and looks absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it would make my crappy handwriting better. 

18 Learn to do a handstand. This is a work in progress! Like every little girl, I could execute a perfect one at age 9, when my center or balance was about a foot closer to the ground. 
I was practicing yesterday, and may or may not have fallen flat on my back. 

19. Visit the 4 Corners national monuments at the border of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

20. Study abroad in Barcelona or Madrid 

21. Make something off of Pinterest. 

22. Raise a puppy. 

23. Go on a Gondola ride in Venice. 

24. Eat Sushi


  1. I love this! I'm thinking of creating a bucket list, too. I'm actually (hopefully) doing the color run in August. I'm excited!

  2. I love that you have a bucket list! I love all of them :)

  3. Love your bucket list! I signed up for the color run in Atlanta, GA later this year, can't wait! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a great read, enjoy!
    saw you on because shanna said so

  4. Ahahaha, I had tremendous fun reading your bucket list - makes me want to update my own again! :)) I want to eat macarons badly too! :( They look so delish! Your new follower, Veeyah.


  5. The Fast and Furious series are AWESOME (apart from #3) and you *might* like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...I found it boring and compelling all at once, but I didn't care to finish the series.

    I'd love to learn to surf - bought a surfboard years ago and it just never happened. Want it?

    The colour run looks awesome - good luck in achieving it :)

  6. I'd be happy to sleep three hours straight, LOL. so jealous of your 12 hours. I bet you are going to rock that marathon babe.


  7. I have read the whole series of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and will tell you won't be disappointed if and when you read it, because it kept me on the edge of my seat (all three books). And I am an east coast girl, but would also love to drive down the Californian coast. Maybe someday. Thanks so much for joining us today and hope you will join us again next week!!

  8. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Sadly, when I was in college, my roommate's father went on a business trip to Switzerland and sent us a ginormous box of chocolates. We seriously couldn't give them away. We all hated it. I'm guessing it's because in the US, we're so programmed for everything to be full of sugar and those probably weren't. Yup, I'm right there with you in wondering about all those sneakers hooked on phone lines. As for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, definitely worth the read! I was very disappointed when I finished the third book only to find out that the author has since died, so there won't be any more. :(

  9. I love that throwing a pair of shoes onto a phone line and having them stick is on your list. And OMG 15 hours of sleep? Yes. Yes. Yes. Can I come on your trip? Oh also, I'm SCUBA certified. Totally worth it. Seriously. I mentioned it tonight but recently wrote a post about hanging out over a 7,000 foot wall in the ocean. Nothing compared to that. Ever.

  10. You definitely sound like a person that doesn't want to let life pass them by! Love it! Have done some of what you wish, but not even close to all. I actually did throw a pair of shoes onto phone lines, but they weren't mine. Had to do with a freshmen hazing incident, long before it was named hazing (we used to call it "initiation", lol). I hope all comes true for you! Good post!

  11. 12 hours of sleep? Weak. My record is close to 13 unless you count the day I was sick with some sort of flu when I managed 22 hours.

  12. I love your bucket list!!! I've slept for 15 hours straight before. It was in the middle of Trinidad's Carnival season and I partied for three days straight. The first day I must have gotten about three hours sleep, the second, four hours and the third was about 3 hours. Needless to say, when it was all done on the fourth day, my body gave in to my bed and the need for sleep. It was heavenly. Hahaha


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