Best Of

Just stumbled across this blog? Want to read my favorite posts? 
Here they are, in no specific order!

1. Why I Blog: What my blog means to me. 

 2. How to Write a Hit Song in 10 Minutes: My sass at its finest

3. How NOT to Facebook: Part rant, part tutorial 

4. It's a Love-Hate Relationship: All about those devil heels

5. Why Pumpkin is the Next China: Fall? Nope, Pumpkin.

6. 5 Couples who should NEVER break up: I promise, it's not the couples you're thinking of. 

7. You know you live in California when...."Hella" is a way of life

8. What's in A Name? The story of how my parents named me

9. Being Honest: musings on my summer job, and how it helped me grow SO much personally

10. When Cooking Doesn't always Work Out: Yes this is part food blog, but I still struggle with following recipes!

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