Thursday, June 19, 2014

100 Happy Days | Days 78 - 87

Hey y’all!  This week I started my summer art class, which I’m super excited about. Who knows- maybe I’m destined to be an artist and I’ll find that out through this class! Just kidding, but hopefully I’ll actually make some friends (this is a legitimate worry I’m not kidding) and produce some pretty room décor. Today’s #100HappyDays recap is the third to last, and I’m really happy about that, so let’s get right into it!
Day 78: Last week, my family and I went out to Castle Rock State Park for some afternoon exploring. This is my favorite place to hike, because it has this giant boulders that are really fun to climb, and I’m always challenged to find new ways up the rocks and to get myself up to the highest point possible. I love that we only have to drive 20 minutes to get to this beautiful place.

Day 79: Shroots and I went back to our old elementary school to visit our teachers from 10 years ago. It's crazy to think they've known us since we were six years old! Both of us have been pretty good at keeping in touch with them, but it was nice to see them as always!

Day 80: The strawberry poppyseed salad at Panera is my favorite salad ever, so every opportunity to have this salad is happy!

Day 81 (1): One of my best friends and I biked out to this adorable little coffee shop called Chromatic Coffee, and we both really liked it! My coffee tolerance isn't that high, so my drink was basically milk with ice and some coffee, but she really liked her cold brew! Also they serve them in mason jars like is that not the best thing ever?

Day 81 (2): Remember on my summer bucket list, how I said I wanted to bike 20 miles? Well I almost did it. I was SO disappointed to map out my route and see that it was only 19. But I burned over 1000 calories which is as good as it gets! Hopefully I'll get to 20 this weekend!

Day 82: I'm in love with her and this picture. I'm not obsessed with The Fault in Our Stars like everyone else on the planet seems to be, but this looks so much like the movie poster!

Day 83: This picture is from February (oops). But cupcakes. 

Day 84: My friend and I made the "Great Wall of Chocolate" for a Fathers' Day/birthday/grad party- recipe will be up next week!

Day 85: Fathers' Day! Please enlighten me as to why my parents thought it would be a good idea to have a "western" shoot 11 years ago other than to look back and laugh at the pictures. 

Day 86: Summer workout buddy + bffl!

Day 87: Art has not been a total failure. It's quite relaxing actually!

Aaaand that's another #100happydays recap done! Have any of you ever taken an art class? Let me know what you liked (or hated!) about it in the comments below!

xo, Hima


  1. Hi, Hima! I nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award. You can find my post here:

  2. I love hiking! You're so lucky to have a spot so close!

    Fearlessly Authentic

  3. Aww thank you Sockwun! My post will go up next week!

  4. Omg that's one of my favorite Panera salads too! Ahh! And also you are SO AMAZING ABOUT THE BIKE RIDING GO YOU GO YOU! Also that HRM is pretty stylish if you ask me ;]

  5. YAY TWINZ! I want to try the Thai Chicken salad next haha. Aww thanks- I haven't been doing too much on my bike lately though :(


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