Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Little Things

1. Sorry I peaced out on y'all for two weeks. Now that that's done...
In other news, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and hopefully we're all going to be chowing down on some amazing food. We might even have to deal with the most boring/awkward game of all time- the "What are you thankful for?" game.
Now before you all take up your pitchforks, hear me out. No one wants to hear that you’re thankful for your family, friends, job, and house right before they can eat. Let's be real- food is always better than talk. In order to not bore everyone at Thanksgiving, I thought I'd write about what I'm thankful for now!
Yes, there are the big things- friends, family, school, environment, which I cherish, but I think the little things truly make life worth living. Little moments here and there to make you laugh or smile are worth the hours of work and the occasional fights. 
Here are some of the "little things" that I've been thankful for lately. 

1. Messing around with the little bro. He's always around to joke with me and make me laugh when I'm slogging through mountains of Scarlet Letter annotations. Plus he's the cutest thing ever. Look out for a post on what I call "Yashisms" coming soon!

2. Christmas movie nights with this dapper couple and the child above. Yes Hallmark Channel is our favorite-how did you know?

3. Dress days. Because after all the days of crappy clothes, we need to redeem ourselves in the fashion world somehow. 
Also excuse the boots + tights. I'm a CA girl and it was less than 65 degrees. 

3. Friends like this one who dance with you and your dad and teach you how to wear beanies. 
Obviously, it didn't work. 

I'm still struggling, but I discovered that bobby pins help. 

5. This happening. 
I subbed in as mascot for our intra-district rally, and it was simultaneously one of the most most difficult and fun things I've ever done. 

6. This isn't really a moment, but I'm really thankful that I live in a community where I can embrace all of my cultures, from my sari-wearing Indian side to my Starbucks and yoga pants inner white girl to my pearl milk tea loving asian side. 
(quick note that everything I say on my blog is in good fun, so please don't take offense to anything!)

Again, sorry I've been gone for so long. I have SO many posts written in my head but no time to write them all down!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone- what are you thankful for? 

xo, Hima

P.S. This blog and I got a twitter over the weekend! Hit us up @himahearts. Creative, I know.

Also….I’m going to be holding the Blog Baton, which is basically a blogger Instagram account that the wonderful Mason from Mason Likethe Jar put together. Come say hi @theblogbaton on Instagram on Friday!


  1. Read this last night but didn't are seriously SO cute!! You have a really amazing and sunny smile. I just get the most positive vibes from your blog :] LOVE both of those outfits you have! And you look great in a beanie :] Also I'm kind of jealous that you got to be the mascot...that's so aweomse!

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  3. Hima, you have a delicious blog! Following you via bloghop. Hope you follow back :) Have a great day!

  4. I haven't watched a Hallmark Channel movie in forever--sounds like fun!


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