Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just for Funsies

Wow. That was a long week. 
Just really. really. really. busy. 
Busy enough that I barely took any pictures. 
Busy enough that I'm oh so glad it's the weekend. 
But even during the busiest of weeks, it's important to make time to do things just for funsies!

Formal Friday with these girls! Sometimes it surprises me that we can stand still for that long...we're such children. 
We're all equally obsessed with Lorde and Royals (honestly, it's been on repeat for almost two months now), hence the "Queen Bee" and her princesses. 
More pictures and a mutual love for dress days on Tulika's blog coming soon! :)

I also cooked a lot this week, just for funsies. Recipe posts coming soon because this stuff is the bombdotcom and it's completely clean because no one has the time and energy to work off 290348032984 calories. 
sidenote: The domain name is available if anyone is interested. 

Chocolate Coconut Microwave French toast.

Chocolate coconut mug cake. I don't actually know how this tasted, because it was for a friend, but it looked pretty amazing. 

My mom must have gotten excited about all my cooking, so she tried to teach me how to cook real food. I sliced the wrong thing....but princess bandaids make life a lot better :)

So maybe this wasn't the most exciting week, but that happens. Just remember that you can always make time to do things just for funsies. Mmk peace out, girl scout. 

xo, Hima


  1. I always try to get cool bandaids, but then my mom reminds me that I never use bandaids...

  2. Sounds like a full but fun week! Hope you have a super great weekend! \\*^_______^*//

  3. Oh Hima, this bandage looks awesome! And I've also become obsessed with Lorde and Royals!

  4. haha, your Ariel bandaid definitely makes your "battle wound" a little more stylish!


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