Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy! + Caffeine Overload

Today is my wonderful mommy's birthday. 
Our relationship has changed a lot in the past year- now there's a lot more fighting and a lot more love. My mom is my rock, and Mommy, if you're reading this, here's what I have to say: 
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in my life, inside and out. Thank you for being my best friend, my favorite shoulder to cry on, and my favorite prankster to laugh with. Thank you for putting up with my sass, for making me coffee at 1 AM and staying up with me when I need to, for being that weirdo who watches Christmas movies with her kids all through November. Thank you for spontaneous dinner outings, for thoughtful surprises, and for endowing me with your fashion sense. Thank you for not letting me forget my roots and for being the best role model a daughter could even ask for. Happy Birthday Mommy. 

Oh yeah, and I had a lot of caffeine this weekend. It wasn't intentional, but my mom now thinks I'm addiction to coffee. The irony is that I actually don't even enjoy it that much! 
Oh yeah, and I've been milking that "for here" trick that I told you about last week. There is something infinitely more satisfying about a latte in a mug than in a cup, right? 

Saturday was the most productive study date of all time with one of my best friends, Prachi. 
Word of advice: Never mix a gingerbread latte with a peppermint mocha. It gets kinda gross. 

Sunday was a long-awaited catch up session with another good friend, Somya! We headed out to Peet's, and I've gotta say, I'm definitely a Starbucks loyal. My sea salt caramel latte sounded really yummy, but was way too much coffee for me to handle. 
I think I'll just stick with Starbucks for now!
(Or maybe I'll take a break from coffee for a while so I don't become dependent on it- I'll wait until college for that!)

Don't be deceived by how pretty it is!

Yay for heart to heart catch-up sessions!
(P.S. Yes, I know I look like a drowned dog, but I always let my hair air dry because I'm lazy. Oops!)

Happy Veterans' Day everyone! Don't forget to take a moment to remember those who have fought for our country!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

xo, Hima


  1. Happy birthday to your mom!! (And honestly I think air-drying curly hair is the way to go, I never blow dry mine!)

  2. Not using a hair dryer is good for your hair anyway :) Happy bday to your mom!!

  3. Happy birthday Hima's mom :] And college is the worst for coffee addiction haha. I seriously got headaches if I didn't have any in the morning, so awful. And you don't look like a wet dog at all! You're so cute :]

  4. Hey there! I found your blog through the Totally Awesome Blog Hop! :D

    Happy (belated) birthday to your Mom! Mom's are such wonderful people~ I hope she had a wonderful day!

    Your study/coffee date looked like a lot of fun!! Just how those sorts of things SHOULD go! d^__^b

    Hope you're enjoying your Thursday!

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