Thursday, November 7, 2013

AP Candyology, Mustache Shenanigans, and Vine Swingin'

First off, HAPPY FRIDAY. 
This week felt like an eternity and I couldn't be happier that it's almost over. 
From yummy coffee to candy-infused bio labs to the start of Movember, this week had everything. 

1. I don't normally take selfies wearing fake mustaches, but when I do, it's for a good cause. Movember is an organization that promotes mens' health throughout the month of November by encouraging men to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness. Obviously, girls can't really do that, hence the fake mustache! 
ohmygod did I just use hence. 
What is happening to me. 
[okay, moving on]
 Our school is doing a huge campaign, which I've been working really hard to shamelessly promo, and I'm really excited about it!

2. AP Bio DNA Candy Models are the best! Never mind that I felt really sick for like 3 hours after because of all the sugar. 

3, 4, 5. Leadership Ropes Course YAYAYAY. Okay, technically this was last week, but I didn't write about it, so it got pushed. 
Imagine the best experience of your life. Now multiply it by infinity. 
That was the ropes course. No, just kidding, but it was SO fun!
Thanks to Ian for the great photos!

Other than that, this week was pretty mellow, y'all. Here's to a wonderful 3 day weekend!

xo, Hima


  1. Oh gosh , so exciting . This DNA module looks great . And rope adventure , WOOT!
    Noor's Place

  2. You have the best smile! And I am so beard obsessed I think it should be a requirement that men participate in Movember. AMIRIGHT!?

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  3. Haha, good call on the fake mustache to celebrate Movember! And those rope course shots are really great! I'm here through the blog hop, and I love that you celebrate small things. :)

    1. Small things are the best things to celebrate! Happy Movember! :)

  4. How fun, creating the dna out of candy is awesome. I hope you have a great day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. It was such a fun lab! Thanks for coming by!

  5. I want to go ziplining, it always looks like so much fun. :)


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