Sunday, October 6, 2013

It Happens....

People I fall off of the face of the earth. 
Big whoop. Sorry. 
I'm baaaaaack!
A recap of the past week of my life would take entirely too long, both for you and for me, so let's just look at birthday party pictures okay? 
To sum it up in a sentence: It felt amazing to quit worrying about school and the SAT for a few hours- not even a whole day, because I had taken a practice test that morning-and have fun with my friends, all dressed up and ready to let go too.
Shout-out to best friend Sneha for coming over early to help set up and for taking pictures for most of the night. I love you!

This photo was taken right before I started blowing confetti out of my hands. Unfortunately, those didn’t turn out, but I love this!

From second gradeish to infinity and beyond! Some day when we’re all grown up, the five of us can get together for coffee and reminisce about these times.

 Frames make everything 1000 times cuter. It’s a fact.

And so do mason jars. HOLLA at Pinterest + my mom for these. 
Is this not the best group picture ever?

Um, I love her. And we're adorable. 

Unfortunately, yes, I did get caked. But, I got a tiara. The good outweighs the bad right?

Have you ever had a huge party before? How'd you like it? I think we can all agree that tiaras make everything better, right? 

Sorry for the long absence again! Tell me what you've been up to while I've been gone!

xo, Hima


  1. You finally posted, not like its been MORE THAN A WEEK OR ANYTHING. I expressly forbid you from ever falling off the face of the earth again. And- aww, you're welcome!

  2. yay!!! this dress is everything I imagined and more! you looked GORGEOUS!!!! happy 16th birthday again, so happy for you!!

  3. Soo gorg :] I have total tiara envy now!

  4. Looovvvve your dress , the pictures and everything . The frame pose is so cute . Your tiara , oh it blinks!

  5. You look like a real princess, the tiara and the group photo! Yay, your mum is awesome with mason jars!!!


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