Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Really? I Missed That?

As I was reflecting on life and trying very desperately to think of a topic to blog about (also known as spending way too much time on Facebook and blog-reading), inspiration struck. Although I'm not trying to be negative or anything here, everyone of us has regrets. Decisions you didn't make, things you didn't go to, you name it. 
So without further ado, 
7 Things I Shouldawouldacoulda done

1. Go to Alice's Summerthing in San Francisco on Sunday. 
I love any excuse to go to my favorite city. Throw in my favorite singers for free, and we've got a deal. 

2. Not quit swimming as a kid. 
I could have been really good! Man, I was the fastest swimmer in the pool in elementary/middle school. What if I had become an Olympian?

3. Not put off watching The Hunger Games until a couple of months ago. A movie is suddenly much less dramatic when you're watching it on the iPad screen and sweating on the elliptical. 

4. Gone to Hawaii a few weeks ago. 
Let's face it. Last minute cancelled vacations suck. 
Hopefully we can go to the beach sometime this summer (there's a reason I live in California!) to make up for it!

5.  Not stayed up this late trying to write a post. I'm tired ya'll. 

Aww, what an adorable baby. 
But then again I probably look more like this. 

Peace out, girl scout. 

xo, Hima


  1. Oh dear, you shouldn't had quitted the swimming! Buhahah the last images are hilarious!

  2. omg, that concert looks amazing! one of my friends recently went to go see Ed Sheeran (he was opening for Taylor Swift) and she said he was wonderful... sigh.
    and agreed, last minute cancellations suck :( I hope you get to do something even more exciting!

  3. That concert will be AMAZING!! :) I love both of them. Also, Hawaii sounds amazing.

  4. i loved hunger games! did you read the books? they are so good!

  5. Ugh, the beach in Hawaii looks AMAZING. I need a beach ASAP.


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