Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm going to tell you a secret....

I'm sure you're all out there wondering that my crazy secret is.
Well, I guess it's not really a secret if I'm going to post it on the blog for the world to see. 
Here's my big secret: 
I love shopping. 
Okay, so that was decidedly anticlimatic. Now that you're probably mad at me for getting you all psyched up, let's move onto to the real topic of this post. 
It's time for Wishlist Wednesday!
Everything on this list just screams summer to me, so I decided to make that my theme, if you will. 
1. Polka Dotted Chambray- Forever 21 ($29.80)- I don't own a single piece of chambray. This makes me very sad. 
2. The Help Quote Print- Etsy ($23.00)
I found another even prettier on for $5 but it was after I made the graphic and I was too lazy to change it. 
3. Mini Bubble Necklace- Etsy ($6.00)
4. Pink Polka Dotted Paper Straws- Sur la Table ($3.99)
5. Anchor Tank Top- Pink Mascara ($41.00)
So beautiful, but sadly far out of my price range! When you're 15, you don't buy a lot of $40 tank tops. 
6. White Wedges- Payless ($17.99)

What are your favorites? What's on your summer wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Hima


  1. Hi there! New follower from Walkabout Wednesday :)

  2. Love those shoes, Hima! What a great list!!

  3. When you're nearly 20 you still don't buy a lot of $40 tank tops hahaha! Love those shoes though!

  4. You have to get some chambray in your life!! I'm really wanting a polka dot one!

  5. That polka dot shirt is really cute! And I love that quote from the Help.

  6. Oh I love that quote!!! How perfect is that for a little girl's room?? I need it... haha I'm with you though... all these things feel so so summer!! Love it!!

    Just Dawnelle


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