Saturday, October 17, 2015

Four Year Plan

Hi everyone!

Long time, no post. Now that the second round of midterms is over, I finally have some time to breathe and catch up on things like sleep and this class! Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking about what I want to do over the rest of college, and I have a tentative 4 year plan.
I'm currently a neuroscience major, pre-med, but in trying to build my plan, I've realized that it's just so many units. I wouldn't be able to pursue much else outside my major, which is disappointing because I'm interested in so many things. Even worse, I wouldn't be able to study abroad, which has been my dream in college since watching the Lizzie McGuire movie in elementary school.
(not going to lie, I definitely felt like Lizzie when I was in Rome this summer)
Because of this, i'm contemplating switching to a Health and Human Sciences major with a natural sciences minor to fulfill my pre-med prerequisites, because I want to stay pre-med. I also want to do an education minor because I'm honestly super interested in education, but I don't know too much about it yet, so I'm planning on taking a general education seminar on education next semester as an intro, and i can decide if I want to do the minor from there. My current writing 150 class is on education, and I absolutely love it.
Also, I realized how much I miss Spanish from high school, even though I passed out of our requirement here, so I think I'll take it at a higher level. I want to study abroad in Madrid, so this'll be helpful then. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking.

I know that this will likely change as I go, depending on if I want to stick with Health and Human Science, or pursue either of the minors further. We'll find out, but I'm excited to see how everything turns out :)

xo, Hima

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