Tuesday, May 13, 2014

100 Happy Days | Days 44 - 52

Hey y’all!
If this were real life, I’d give all of y’all a giant hug because I miss you and blogging like crazy. Now
that AP testing is over (text does not convey how happy I am!), I’m back. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would be. (Sidenote: If you can spell that name without looking it up, I applaud you). I promise this won’t be the only type of post I have coming up for the next few weeks, but I think it's high time for a life update, don't you? 
Day 44 (5/5): This was my friend Divya’s birthday. I think the caption I originally had on Instagram says it all: “The picture is terrible, but that just means it’s inversely correlated to our relationship. Happy Birthday to the most inspiring and motivating person I know. Love you Divs, and thanks for everything!”
Day 45 (5/6): AP Hell Week had begun, and stress levels were the highest they had ever been. Naturally, I made some notes for my friends to diffuse said stress.
Day 46 (5/7): I am the proud owner of Crocs. For the record, I call them my shame shoes. They’re just so comfortable!
Day 47 (5/8): My glasses came in! I wear night contacts, but sometimes I don’t get enough sleep for my vision to be 100%, so these are really handy for those days. Clearly, this merited a selfie.
Day 48 (5/9): I saw this on Pinterest and just love it! (jk I was hella strugglin’ with something to post because I technically posted this a day late and I just could not.) On another note, AP testing has rendered my ability to speak proper English nonexistent, and I now only know how to speak teenage girl. #icanteven #literally
Day 49 (5/10): If you’re ever in the Bay Area and want REALLY good Mediterranean food, check out Dish Dash in Sunnyvale. The food is amazing, and lasts for a couple of meals.

Day 50 (5/11): Mothers’ Day! I posted a picture from the day I was born, because I gave my mom the gift (and sometimes curse- I’m a teenage girl ok) of being my mom. Don’t worry, I’m not a brat. I also made her a card and breakfast. P.S. Isn’t she beautiful?
Day 51 (5/12): Do I need a reason to post a puppy portrait? Bella is just SO cute!

Day 52 (5/13): Okay, so this one’s a little hard to see, but here’s the premise: Today I surprised six of my favorite people with homemade cookies in the cutest little bags, and their reactions were absolutely priceless. From "Yo I'm gonna have this bag back to you by the end of the day," to "You complete me." to "Can I hire you to be my personal chef?" Lesson learned: People like happy surprises, and random acts of kindness are the best kinds of kindness. 

So, that's what's been going on in my life. How about you? Don't forget to follow along on Instagram for daily #100happydays updates!

xo, Hima


  1. I call them your shame shoes, too.

  2. Being done with AP tests must be yet another happy thing!! I think the cookie surprises you made were just too sweet!

  3. shame shoes? hahahaha omg!!!! and I totally love your calligraphy <3

  4. I agree with Noor, I LOVE your calligraphy! And I love your Pinterest idea haha. I have missed two days so far...but you know what I don't even care, sometimes life is too crazy to think about Instagram. I love both the note idea and the cookie idea...I'll have to do that for someone sometime teehee. You're so impressive getting them both done in the midst of AP testing!

  5. I'm thinking of getting neon green ones like my brother. With the collective pins too. Thoughts?

  6. Yessss, I'm so happy! I have so much free time now- it's great! And thank you :) They were very well received.

  7. Pshh, everyone has a pair! It's like the ratty old sweats that you can't wear outside the house but wear literally everyday at home anyway. And thank you (:

  8. Thank you!! My secret is just drawing the regular letters and coloring them in (because I'm 5 years old, really). I think I'm going to take an Insta-hiatus after the challenge is over- this is TOO MUCH STRESS! And you HAVE to do it. It's so fun. I'm all DONE now so life is great and I have so much free time!

  9. I love this meme #100happydays. I just started it myself. I was only going to share on Instagram, but now I think I may also share on my blog. I think you are so sweet for sending your friends cards during exams. It must have made their day.

    I just finished University...I totally understand what you mean when you say text does not convey how happy you are...I am ecstatic. :)

  10. Aw how sweet are you! I love your AP notes and your puppy is cute. as always!


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