Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogger Tag + New Design!

Hey y'all! Happy Monday- I'm actually happy because I'm on Spring Break this week, and I'm going college touring in SoCal, so I'm all around really excited.
So this is one of those posts where I don't have any set pictures, and so I'm just pulling up random pictures. Also because Shruthi (on the right) demanded to be in a picture. 
Before I get started with today's topic, I'd just like to take a moment and appreciate my new design. I did my original design way back in July or last year, when I started this blog, and while I loved it, I was a little bored of it. Enter Ash (her real name is Ashley, but we all know about my love for nicknames) of the Grits Blog.Y'all. If any of you are thinking about a redesign, Ash is the place to go. She's SO quick with her responses, and willing to accommodate any requests. I'm super picky, but she didn't get frustrated at all, and I'm so in love with the end product. Thank you x a billion, Ash!

Anyway, Marla tagged me in this fun post a while ago, and I thought I'd go ahead and write it up today.

01. Pens or pencils? Pens. All the way. But only the cheap-o blue and black 20 for $1 ones from Target, because I lose pens like a dog sheds fur. (you're welcome for the great image)

02. What's the last dream you remember having? It was more of a nightmare, haha. It was the night before my first driving lesson, and basically, it ended in me crashing the car. Thankfully, my worries were unfounded, and I'm actually a pretty good driver, according to the instructor and my parents!

03. If you had a Patronus, what would it be? Well, according to this quiz by Buzzfeed, it would be horse, like Ginny's! I feel like it would be dog though :)

04. Are there any foods you hated as a kid that you like now? Yeah. Brussel sprouts, guacamole, dark chocolate, brown rice, english muffins, the list is endless. Fun Fact: Your tastebuds change every 7 years, so if you ddn't like something 7 years ago, try it again and you might be surprised!

05. What's your favorite part about where you live? I live in Northern California, and I have a lot of favorite parts- the weather, the proximity to EVERYTHING (i.e. 45 minutes to the beach, 45 minutes to San Francisco, 2 hours to a ski resort), and of course the people. 

06. Do you have siblings? If so, are you the oldest, youngest, or middle? I have a little brother. He's 10, and I guess he's cute. 

07. If you could have a talent that you don't currently possess, what would it be? Drawing. I admire people who can communicate their ideas through drawing them out, whereas I have to spend a lot longer verbally describing mine. 

08. What's your favorite Disney princess movie? Marla, please. Frozen all the way, followed closely by Cinderella. 

09. Do you prefer hot or iced tea? Iced. I actually just put tea bags in normal temperature water because I'm weird like that. 

10. What's your favorite thing about your blog? As of now, my new design! But I love being able to write about whatever I want- no restrictions with regards to following a prompt. 

11. What is your favorite form of social media? Instagram! (I'm @himahearts!) If I had to choose between deactivating my Facebook, and deleting my Instagram or Snapchat, I'd keep Instagram and Snapchat. 

Here are my questions for y'all:
1. What's your favorite season?
2. What's your favorite thing about said season?
3. Hair: Up or down?
4. Would you rather be outside or inside on any given day?
5. The beach or the mountains?
6. West Coast Best Coast? (I mean, it's obviously yes, but I'll leave that up to you)
7. Cats or dogs?
8. iPhone or Android?
9. What makes you happy?
10. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
11. What's the first thing you do every morning?

I tag all y'all, whether you're a blogger or not. Enjoy!

xo, Hima


  1. Hima appreciation comment:
    1. winter
    2. #thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway
    3. down
    4. outside
    5. beach
    6. westcoastbestcoast HOLLA
    7. both?
    8. iPhone
    9. when hima appreciates me in her posts
    10. pass
    11. look in the mirror #swagalicious

  2. LOVE your new design! So cute! <3

  3. I am so glad you love it!!! Email me back girl about the signature :)

  4. What fun!! Now I have to go answer those questions soon. :)

  5. LOVING your new design! It's really cute! I just took the Patronus quiz, and I got Hermione's, the otter. I'm okay with that.

  6. I got an otter as my Patronus, I don't mind that! Loving your new layout, especially the colour scheme! Super super cute :D

  7. Love your new design. Ashely is great! And you are adorable!

  8. Oh my goodness have so much fun college touring! I like the new like :)

  9. Your new blog design is looking awesome! And have fun visiting colleges. Do you already have an idea of where you'll be going? Writing about whatever you want to is a pretty awesome perk of being a blogger...

  10. I WONDER who this person is....?
    jk i'll do my best to appreciate you more in my posts ;)

  11. thanks again for everything! dunzooooooo

  12. Yay, link me when you do- I'd love to see!

  13. Thank you Tiffany! I can definitely see you as Hermione! :)

  14. Thank you Jess! Hey- otters are SUPER smart!

  15. Thank you Erica- Ashley is the best!

  16. Thank you Maeg! It's fun, but super tiring!

  17. Thanks so much Rachel! I totally agree! (emailing you about the rest, haha!)

  18. Loveeeee your new design!! I'm glad that you did the tag hehe. Omg that dream sounds terrifying, I hate having scary dreams. That's so weird about taste buds changing, I had no idea whatsoever. And I knew you'd pick Frozen hahah SO GOOOOOOOOD. And I'd keep Insta over Facebook too...I barely go on anymore haha.

    1. Fall :]
    2. The clothes/colors/dark lipstick!
    3. DOWN.
    4. I would rather be outside I guess, but not doing physical activity haha. Just sitting.
    5. Beach! I think water is so relaxing.
    7. Cats haha but you probably could have guessed that about me ;]
    8. iPhone 150%!
    9. Chocolate and cats and flowers and Pride & Prejudice. Haha.
    10. I would change the fact that Anne Boleyn got executed haha she deserved to live!
    11. Hit snooze and go back to sleep lol at me.

  19. Your blog design is pretty fab! Congrats! And I loved this get-to-know-you post! Hope you had a productive time in SoCal! Can't wait to hear about it! Carylee |

  20. Himmmmaaa, new design looks great. Ashley has done a great job. Thumbs up for you guys.
    I am seriously jealous of Northern Californian weather. Karachi is always hot , with beaches.

  21. I agree, the new design is really sweet

  22. Thanks for linking up with #ManicMondays!


  23. Hi Hima, thanks for joining the linking up with #saturdaystrollwithaud.

  24. Just wanted to say real quick (since I'm late for work!) that I love the new design - the header is really cute!

    :) <3 Val


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